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Yennefer is an upcoming character on Netflix's The Witcher. She is portrayed by Anya Chalotra.

She is a sorceress who acts as Geralt of Rivia's main love interest and a mother figure to Ciri.[1]

Character DescriptionEdit

Fiery. Proud. Shrewd. Contradictory. Seeking-to-fill-a-family-sized-hole-in-her-heart-even-though-she-resents-it-and-swears-she’s-just-fine-on-her-own-but-she-is-not-and-we-love-her-for-being-both-independent-and-vulnerable.[2]

Early LifeEdit

Born a deformed hunchback in Vengerberg to her parents, Yennefer was abused and bullied by everyone in the village, except for her mother.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

One day, she watches a couple kissing and the girl loses her daisy, so Yennefer comes out from the stables to give her the flower, but the couple beats Yennefer up. However, she accidentally crosses a portal and ends up in the Tower of the Gull, in Aretusa, where she meets Istredd. He tells her how she ended up there and calls her a virgin, which makes Yennefer angry and she slaps him, although she later apologizes. Istredd begins to hear voices saying Yennefer is not supposed to be there. He opens a different kind of portal and sends Yennefer through it saying that when she opened the first portal she put a target on herself and that "she" will come for her. Istredd introduces himself before sending her back to Vengerberg, and when she asks her her name, Yennefer had already crossed the portal.

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Powers and Abilities Edit

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  • Magic:
    • Portal Creation:
    • Telekinesis:




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