Jarek Sawko is a Polish producer and visual effects specialist. He is currently an executive producer on Netflix's The Witcher.

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Sawko is the co-owner of Platige Image computer animation studio. He specializes in animation, 3D graphics and special effects as a member of the Polish Filmmakers Association. His effects came be seen on such films as Katyń, The Antichrist, and Quo Vadis. Most notably, he's done visual effects for 2017's Wonder Woman. Sawko attended the Plus Camerimage Festival twice. In 2010, he was on the jury of Advertising Spots Competition.[1]

Along with his visual effects, Sawko has also produced films. Fallen Art, Ambition and Another Day of Life to name a few.

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  • Like fellow executive producer Tomasz Bagiński, Sawko is affiliated with Platige Image computer animation studio.

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